Industrial Manufacturing


Chemence’s adhesives and sealants have gained a range of approvals with automotive OEMs over the years.  Whether using a threadlocker for securing nuts and bolts or a cyanoacrylate for assembling interior components, many of the world’s most influential automotive leaders trust Krylex.  Our team of talented chemists work tirelessly to innovate products that bring value to manufacturers by decreasing production costs and speeding up production lines all while maintaining the high level of performance that major car manufacturers demand.


In the constantly evolving world of electronics, hardware manufacturing becomes less costly and more efficient by the replacement of mechanical fasteners with adhesives. Chemence partners with electronic manufacturers and designers to develop custom solutions for applications ranging from cover screen bonding to speaker assembly to battery assembly.  Our range of light cure adhesives, cyanoacrylates and reactive urethane hotmelts (PUR) hold the right solution for your manufacturing issues.

Medical Devices

Chemence specialty line of adhesives for medical device assembly and manufacturing have been formulated to meet critical regulatory requirements while providing the superior performance required by major medical device manufacturers around the world.  Chemence’s ISO 9001 registration insures that strict manufacturing and quality controls are used to deliver consistent, high quality products to your manufacturing site every time.  All Chemence medical device assembly adhesives are tested to the ISO 10993 biocompatibility standard for easier validation within your device.


Krylex MRO adhesives are trusted by maintenance professionals around the world.  We develop a wide variety of maintenance adhesives for every type of repair with the goal of making maintenance professional’s lives easier.  Our high performance range of threadlockers, gasket makers, retaining compounds, pipe sealants, cyanoacrylates, cleaners, primers and activators are all tested and proven to reduce machine downtime, increase manufacturing efficiency, and minimize the risk of catastrophic failures.

Vacuum Impregnation

Anaseal Impregnation Sealants meet military specifications and have UL Recognition, as well as part-specific approval to automotive and industrial specifications. Anaseal VIS sealants are available in anaerobic and thermal curing formulations to satisfy a broad range of processing requirements. A complete line of impregnation process equipment is offered as well as custom formulations thoughtfully designed to meet specific customer requirements.