Krylex® – Pongo® Collaboration On New PLA Bonding System For 3D Printing

Innovative new products, a partnership with Pongostore and Chemence Ltd

Pongo® PLA Adhesive Classic & Gel


Pongo Krylex Classic Kit

Chemence Ltd in partnership with Sole Solutions Ltd, launch a new UK manufactured adhesive system for bonding PLA filament.  Consisting of either a Gel or a liquid adhesive, packaged in a clam shell blister with full instructions, safety information and a bottle of activator fluid.

With the use of our special activator fluid that is supplied as standard with all Pongo® PLA Adhesives you can bond your 3D printed parts in as little as 10 seconds, allowing you to bond multiple parts in a matter of minutes!

The classic liquid adhesive is perfect for all standard bonding applications, The gel version is more suited to larger surfaces and also acts as a gap filler for small imperfections in the print.

Available in pack sizes of:-

20g for the Pongo® PLA Adhesive bottle

20g for the Pongo® PLA Gel Adhesive, in an easy to use tube with a screw on nozzle & cap

20ml for the Pongo® Activator fluid in an easy to use bottle with integral applicator brush contained within the lid!

It will also bond many other common materials to your PLA creations and naturally to each other. Materials such as wood, metal, paper, leather, rubber and ceramics to name but a few.

Products will launched on and’s Pongo store