Liquid Skin Pro by Chemence Now in US Home Improvement Stores

Chemence, Inc, becomes a household name with the recent launch of its Liquid Skin® Product Line at home improvement retailers, Home Depot and Lowe’s. Liquid Skin Pro, an instant liquid bandage targeted to the contractors due to its easy application, nonstinging waterproof wound barrier, was picked up first by Atlanta’s own Home Depot earlier this year and widely sold across the Eastern and Midwest Regions.  Says Louis Thurman, Sr. VP of Consumer Products at Chemence, “Launching Liquid Skin at Home Depot simply made sense on many levels. As an Atlanta-based company ourselves, Chemence looks to local relations as much as possible.  We are equally excited to see the product sold at Lowe’s and launching deeper into the DIY consumer market” and adding that …“the Consumer Adhesives DIY market is sorely lacking variety and innovation… a hole that Chemence will fill bringing new DIY solutions to shelves like Home Depot and Lowes, among others”.  A previous Executive with Black and Decker, Louis Thurman joined Chemence in 2015 and has several new products under development for late 2016 to early 2017.

What makes Liquid Skin® special?  Liquid adhesive bandages have been on the market for some time with little variety:  sticky, stingy, glue that tends to harden in the bottle and not nearly as transportable as a stretchy “bandaid”.  Liquid Skin is the first liquid bandage to provide a single and multi-use applicators ideal for construction, mechanics, and other professional trades.  The applicator tip provides immediate topical adhesion that cures in seconds with no sting and provides a tight, waterproof seal that lasts for days.  The proprietary Liquid Skin formula is based on the Chemence Medical Derma+Flex QS® product that is FDA-approved and widely sold into hospitals and surgical offices. 

Learn more about Liquid Skin products here and visit your local Lowes and Home Depot stores today to pick up Liquid Skin Pro!