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Chemence chemistry is used worldwide across a variety of industries, from retail, graphics, construction, manufacturing, cosmetics and medical. 

We provide innovative, tested solutions that address unique applications among many industries. In addition to our branded adhesives, we also provide fully‐integrated Private Label Services with packaging options that include in‐house produced bottles and patented applicators and tips.

Chemence products provide the best value with quality‐driven, scientifically‐developed solutions to a variety of Consumer and Professional needs. We use higher‐grade raw materials than leading brands, as well as better packaging that leads to longer shelf‐life and less product waste. Whether completing a household project or manufacturing a car, from personal pampering to producing high‐resolution flexographic film, we meet our customer’s needs in a myriad of ways.

All Chemence Products in any application are formulated to provide environmentally‐sound solutions that enhance performance while reducing cost, time and labor.


Chemence offers a full line of adhesive solutions for bonding nearly any household item. No matter what your need may be we have the adhesives that will bring any project together. Our project glues will work on wood, leather, textiles, cork, metal, plastics and china.




Krylex® is a professional range of adhesives and sealants developed specifically for industrial and engineering applications. With Krylex we are setting new standards of performance for all bonding and sealing requirements. 




Chemence Cosmetic glues and polishes are made with better ingredients than most on  the market. By making our own cyanoacrylate, we ensure that our products are solvent‐ free and do not contain any harmful ingredients. Our eyelash glue is just as durable and strong as our project glue… but with human‐ friendly ingredients.

Our nail products grew from our expertise in polymer technology and UV‐ light curing. Chemence polishes and gels are strong and long‐ lasting with high‐ shine in formulas that will not damage the natural nail.

Learn more about our Cosmetic Division, United Beauty, popular in the United Kingdom’s Retail and Professional Beauty markets since 2006.



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Chemence’s innovative technologies incorporate the newest ideas and the most up-to-date features in the world of Graphics. Our advancements are systematically altering industrial packaging, pre-press, flexographic films for converters, manufacturers, trade shops, and printers. Continually examining every aspect from pre-press to product has helped us meet goals and solve problems while increasing performance and sustainability. 


At Chemence we are proud of our flexible adhesive product that has been providing a better bandage for people worldwide. Liquid Skin is easy to apply and stays where you want it without dripping; It provides needed protection to seal and heal any minor cuts and abrasions, allowing you to get on your way, right away. Think of Liquid Skin as your personal, preventative shield from germs, bacteria and future skin damage.

Our liquid bandage is 100% waterproof and is perfect for areas of tension such as knuckles, knees, elbows, fingertips and the area between fingers and toes.




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