Science & Sustainability




As the global population continues to grow, unprecedented challenges in sustainability demand innovative, efficient, and critical solutions of industry leaders. Tough problems must be met squarely with critically valid solutions. Chemence's business priority and mission statement underscore the invaluable integration of long-term thinking with application, science-driven innovation with relevance, and professional expertise with consumer's demands.

Chemence synthesizes governmental policies and directives, academic research and discoveries, and corporate cooperation and high-quality products. Global needs will not diminish; nutritious food for a hungry world, decreased reliance upon fossil fuels, protective policies for a battered environment. Chemence is purposed, poised, and ready to deliver long-term, sustainable, and viable manufacturing solutions with excellence.

Chemence creates products that reduce impacts upon climate change by reducing its operational footprints. Positioned with present and futuristic planning of chemical technologies, Chemence tirelessly addresses global challenges with its uncompromising commitments to marry product performance with adaptiveness to future needs, markets, and demands.  

Our primary environmental focus is to significantly reduce the amount of polyester and plastics from landfills. This effort is reinforced by employing proprietary manufacturing techniques that eliminate the needs for solvents in both manufacturing and product yields. Chemence manufacturing facilities have zero solvent emissions. Several patented products and processes were developed to eliminate waste while improving production time and cost. 

Chemence creates the chemical solutions for product viabilities with myriads of benefits. Chemence's unwavering thirty-year commitment to excellence will continue purposefully, professionally, and prodigiously to benefit future generations. 



Chemence stands at the quintessential forefront of manufacturing efficiencies for both industrial and consumer uses and applications. As an independent entrepreneur providing outstanding and ground-breaking chemical technologies since 1984, Chemence has boldly ventured into innovative processes for a breadth of chemical solutions: high performance instant adhesives, i.e., cyanoacrylate or super glue; anaerobic compounds and sealants for construction, cosmetics, graphics, manufacturing, medical, and retail applications/industries; liquid photo polymers; and UV curing resins. At the heart of every Chemence product is polymerizable chemistry, the foundational chemical reaction that turns liquids into solids, employing curing technologies. Chemence is fundamentally committed to meeting industrial and consumers’ needs in applicable, efficient, and cost-effective technologies.

Chemence’s in-house research, testing, and development has advanced and enhanced chemical processes in an ever-changing responsiveness to global demands with staunch priorities to environmental responsibilities. Preeminent chemists and technicians ensure superior and uncompromising product consistencies, performances, and qualities. Chemence’s facilities in both the United States and the United Kingdom service clients globally. Chemence’s patents for products and processes include: ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485, both FDA registered medical devices. Customers and endorsements include a spectrum of renown industries: Caterpillar, Chrysler, Ford, Frigidaire, GM, Johnson Controls, Mack Truck, Phillips Electronics, and Zenith.




Our environmentally friendly solutions include a solvent-free plate system that not only reduces the of amount process time needed in the manufacturing of Photopolymer plates but also reduces costs, transportation emissions, polyester film use, all while substantially increasing equipment efficiency and quality while eliminating process steps.


Chemence Graphics Division interest in green solutions are motivated by the following:

  1. A commitment to doing the right things for our planet;
  2. To create a safe, pleasant work environment for employees;
  3. Our mandate to achieve the lowest total cost of production via the most environmentally friendly materials.
  4. To follow local, state, and/or federal government regulations and industry green initiatives;
  5. To meet our customer demand for cleaner, green products;

We at Chemence are pleased to make the claim that our new Genesys CR24 Bio-Solvent Inks meet the growing demand for green solutions. Our ink products are measurably less harmful to the environment than most solvent based inks currently being touted in the industry. The reduced VOC nature of CR24 ink provides a safe work environment for production and employees.

Chemence Graphics Division “green ink” accomplishes the job at hand with the appropriate level of durability and UV light wave frequency blockage while avoiding and minimizing all adverse impacts on human health and the environment. 

In addition, CR24 Green Inks meet the standards established for our industry, including Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and local regulations, including California’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA), who oversee compliance with California’s strict 1Proposition 65 legislation governing the use of chemicals in a wide variety of commercial applications.

Solvent-based inks generally fall into one of five categories:

  1. Traditional
  2. Full-Solvent Inks
  3. Mild/Light Solvent
  4. Eco-Solvent
  5. Bio-Solvent Inks

The aggressiveness of the solvent varies greatly in each of these; the bio-solvent inks are the lowest of that spectrum.

These bio-solvent ink solutions have no hazardous material disposal costs, require no special equipment to capture fumes -- because there are no harmful fumes -- and allow users to avoid costs associated with government compliance that meets occupational, safety, health and environmental regulations.

We understand the environmental impact and the unique requirements of our application and technology, therefore we have developed an optimized “whole product solution” that incorporate the very best Printer, Film, RIP to gain the highest print quality from Jetsetter Printers and provide our customers with the best flexographic solution available.

Our efforts for greener solutions extends beyond the mere ink technology and incorporates the most efficient cartridge recycling program available for wide-format printing applications. While most manufacturers claim to recycle their cartridges, their objective is to remove them from circulation by either incinerating or dismantling. However, Chemence customers experience a true recycling and reuse process of our cartridges via return credits.