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The LiquidSkin® Liquid Bandage — The better bandage alternative

LiquidSkin® Liquid Skin Adhesive Bandage by Chemence®
LiquidSkin® brand Liquid Bandage

Figure 1: The LiquidSkin® Liquid Bandage keeps out germs and bacteria, protects injuries from the elements and promotes the healing process. Source: Chemence®


The quickest and most convenient bandage is not a bandage at all. The LiquidSkin® Liquid-Bandage provides a lower-cost, effective alternative to old-fashioned adhesive bandages for minor cuts, wounds, scrapes and cracked skin. It is a flexible adhesive that provides a secure and transparent cover for small cuts or abrasions. The LiquidSkin® Liquid Bandage keeps out germs and bacteria and protects injuries from the elements but still allows them to breathe.

LiquidSkin® Liquid Bandage is waterproof, flexible and strong, so it is ideal for treating wounds to high-flex areas — knuckles, knees and elbows — that are commonly sustained during sports or at the worksite. LiquidSkin® also works well for wounds that are difficult to seal with traditional bandages, such as those on fingertips or between fingers. It is also ideal for treating blisters or sealing painful skin cracks caused by cold weather.

LiquidSkin® is convenient, easy to apply and dries fast so it doesn’t run. Plus, it is non-burning, non-stinging and the high-viscosity formula makes LiquidSkin® easy to apply and control.

Unlike other products that must be applied up to three times a day, LiquidSkin® needs only one application every three to five days. Instead of a brush-on applicator, which is messy, wasteful and risks cross-contamination, each LiquidSkin® application comes in a convenient pipette. Because of this, LiquidSkin® is also easily portable for day trips, sports tournaments and hikes.

LiquidSkin® alleviates the pain and aggravation of changing out repeated bandage applications. After it has done its job, LiquidSkin® can wash off without leftover residue.

The science behind LiquidSkin®

The active ingredient in LiquidSkin® is n-butyl medical-grade cyanoacrylate. Unlike alternatives, it is made by FDA-regulated device manufacturer Chemence® Medical, which is a global leader in medical adhesive with surgical-grade tissue adhesives used in hospitals around the world.

LiquidSkin® is appropriate for activities such as bowling, tennis, jogging, yard work and much more. LiquidSkin® from Chemence® enables people to get back in the game or back on the job. Contact Chemence® for their full line of products at their website.