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The KRYLEX® family of printing products offers the best in photopolymer imaging and printing science technology. Products designed for maximum productivity, durability, longevity, and cost efficiency, establishes KRYLEX® as the innovation leader of the liquid photopolymer market. Our team of experienced professionals are driven to develop new approaches and technologies to current manufacturing products and process. KRYLEX® solutions are where you will find success, savings, and satisfaction.

KRYLEX® Photopolymer Solutions

KRYLEX® Photopolymer resins are engineered with rigid specifications to insure the highest level of performance for every application process. Plate manufactures enjoy accelerated processing times, and printing endurance. Krylex Photopolymers are also the best choice for economical, ecological, and sustainability concerns, because Krylex photopolymers are reclaimable, and process with aqueous formulation technology. From thin and thick plate printing polymers, to molding and stamp resins, manufactures can rely on consistency every time.

KRYLEX® Imaging Solutions

The KRYLEX® line of high definition imagers, insures exceptional results and performance for supporting difficult large format prepress film demands. GENESYS™ edition imagers extend capabilities beyond ordinary film output, with unique plate enhancing features designed to improve reverse depth, and ink transfer for liquid plate making manufacturing. The KRYLEX® family of imaging films, and ink products unite to deliver easier handling, and superior imaging results for end users.

GENESYS™ Automation Software

Workflow performance and turnaround is critical in todays competitive marketplace. KRYLEX® provides liquid resin imaging technology that streamlines pre-plate image handling. GENESYS™ Automation Software resolves production bottlenecks, imaging challenges, and is specially designed to support corrugated printing technology in conjunction with KRYLEX® imagers. Unique features including, Instant Auto-Mask, Micro Pixel Booster, Reverse Relief Enhance, and Micro Ink Metering, maximize productivity, and dramatically reduce material cost.

KRYLEX® Specialty Substrates

KwikMount composite substrate technology removes the complexity of liquid resin platemaking for corrugated printing applications, by consolidating island imaging technology with plate substrate and mounting technology, all in one. Operators use 50% less materials and enjoy the benefits of reduced exposure setup times. KwikMount users see monetary savings up to 57% with the corrugated plate manufacturing process.

KRYLEX® Processing Solutions

KRYLEX® photopolymer processing equipment completes the link to KRYLEX® high quality resins. Innovative developments for handsfree liquid plate processing, allows operators to take advantage of multitasking, resulting in advanced workflow productivity. The KRYLEX® equipment team also provides refurbished equipment for any photopolymer processing requirements.

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