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Chemence Opens New Research and Development Facility

Chemence Center of Excellence to focus on adhesive technology innovation


Alpharetta, GA — Chemence, a global company with specialized expertise in the field of polymerizable technology, announced the opening of the Chemence Center of Excellence, a state-of-the-art research and development facility in Alpharetta, Georgia. 

The facility is home to a large team of Chemence’s scientists and engineers supporting adhesive developments in the medical, electronics, and OEM industries.

“To meet aggressive growth targets for our Medical and Performance Materials businesses, Chemence has been making significant investments into its technology team in recent years. We have an elite team of scientists and engineers working to drive innovation in our customers’ strategic markets. This world-class technology center now provides the environment and tools needed to help continue driving new, quality products to market.” said Michael Pomykala, Vice President of Technology for Chemence.

The 30,000 sq.ft. facility features a main lab that is utilized in the synthesis of new materials and the formulation of new adhesives. Additional areas of the lab serve specialized purposes including:

  • Analytical lab including GC-MS, DSC, HPLC, XRF, FTIR, and more
  • Bulk materials testing room with universal tensile testers and drop impact tester
  • Environmental conditioning room with ovens, freezers, sterilization equipment, thermal chambers, and more
  • Applications area with a full suite of dispensing and curing equipment to mimic customer production lines

Partnering with Idea|Span of Atlanta, Georgia, Chemence designed the facility to nurture a collaborative environment. “We feel that our best solutions come not from sporadic individual contributions but from a dedicated team effort where everyone feels empowered to ask questions, provide input, and leave an impact daily. The open, collaborative space we built for our researchers was designed to maximize our daily interactions with one another,” mentioned James Cooke, CEO of Chemence.

Chemence intends to continue growing into the facility, with a second phase planned that will house several corporate functions. 


Chemence Inc.

Since 1989, Chemence has been a global leader in specialty chemical advancements. With one of the largest adhesives manufacturing facilities in North America, Chemence develops and distributes private labeled and branded adhesives, specializing in polymerizable technologies that serve a variety of market segments, including Automotive, Consumer Electronics, and Medical Device Assembly. Other operating companies include a Medical facility in Georgia and an Industrial facility in the United Kingdom.