Our Product Line

Exceptional and sustainable printing products

Krylex® Imaging Solutions provide a wide array of options for pre-press, whether your needs are proofing or, film output for negative/positives, in 24”, 44” and 64” wide formats.

Our systems are designed and developed on the premise of combining the best individual technical components available to create the fastest and highest quality IJ imaging system. Krylex® Imaging Solutions can automate any color management process in your commercial or flexographic proofing workflow for client approvals. Pre-press professionals can now produce their vision without compromise.

Our Print engine utilizes the most advanced micropiezo printhead with ten separate 1-inch wide ink channels and an amazing 360 staggered nozzles per channel, delivering highly accurate dot shape and placement. Resolutions up to 2880 dpi and variable sized ink droplets as small as 3.5 picoliters, produce incredibly sharp text and line art, while decreasing print times with optimized quality in both single and bi-directional print modes. Prints on virtually any media type, in roll or cut-sheet, up to 64-inch wide and 1.5mm thick, all media is front-loaded via a unique straight-through media path, user-adjustable Dual-Tension Roll Spindle accepts either 2-or 3-inch media cores and built-in Automatic Cutting System supporting most media types.

As one of the world's premier leaders in liquid photopolymer Chemence strategically aligned itself with the most advanced technological leader in RIP software, creating a powerful PS6 Krylex® Edition package capable of producing high end film negatives or positives in a chemical free production environment. Our vast experience in the screen and flexo industry combined with the software manufacturer’s unique MIM technology produces maximum production reliability with consistent processing of composite PDF and separated PDF files (PDF x-1a).

Predefined sets for all the popular screen rulings and printer series, individual sets and screen settings for spot colors as well can be defined at any time. Effective algorithms to minimize moiré and powerful functions for highly efficient ICC color management and spot color control. File formats · Halftoning: BMP, TIFF, JPG, PSD and further common raster formats; Postscript 3, PDF 1.6, PDF/X-1a, EPS, DCS 2.0; Separated PDF data; Selection of page and document region possible in a user friendly interactive layout.

Our media is coated and formulated for use with Krylex® HD MAX Inks, our Clear Films are available in several different finishes, providing outstanding black density for the accurate preparation of film positives or long exposures of film negatives in flexo applications. Roll sizes are designed to fit the full ranges of the Krylex® Imaging Solutions and we also have the ability to custom cut to meet a customer’s specific needs, minimizing waste and maximizing profits. Ideal for line art, halftones and 4-color separations providing crisp dot reproduction for high resolution output with outstanding durability.

Krylex® HD MAX inks have been extensively tested to achieve maximum density, UV blocking ability with rapid drying performance, while maintaining color fidelity, and scratch resistance. Our ink technology also makes it the perfect choice for professional halftone film output with minimum metamerism or moiré. Our water based formulation creates the least environmental impact at a substantial savings.

Chemence is a world leader in Ultra Violet Light Curing technology and markets its products worldwide to the print industry. Our liquid photopolymers are state-of-the-art photo-initiated resins used in the flexographic and stamp making industries.


Krylex® photopolymers have been precisely developed to create an optimum combination of resilience, elasticity, hardness and plate wetting tension. Quality and consistency are rigidly held to ISO 9001 standards ensuring dependable and predictable performance. Chemence has a full team of photopolymer chemist capable of developing resin of any durometer or quality, catering to your applications and needs.

Chemence hand stamp photopolymers are specifically formulated to optimize stamp manufacturing and end user performance characteristics for the business/craft stamp market. Our products, Flex- stamp 50, and Polyclear 40 + CS Plus share the following product characteristics.


The photo speed is formulated for imaging exposure latitude to image a wide range of fine line positive and reverse image graphics, type sizes/font styles and medium line screen ruling images.

  • .110 plate thickness, .055 plate relief
  • .008 fine positive and reverse line image
  • 65 line screen ruling, 5-90%


Polyclear 40 + CS Plus is formulated for the higher level of optical clarity specifically for the demands of the craft/hobby stamp market for single image registration accuracy and multicolor registration accuracy when using clear lucite stamp holders and for clear acetate sheet stamp holders for storage.

Both products are formulated for a high level of UV resistance for long product life. The Polyclear 40 + CS Plus is formulated to the highest degree of UV resistance to maintain optical clarity and physical durability because of the of the varied environments (indoors/outdoors) craft/hobby stamps are used/exposed.

40 and 50 Shore A durometer with high Bay Shore resilience is the optimum range for efficient (pick- up/release) stamp pad ink transfer on a wide range of paper substrates.

These products and are formulated to produce a controlled level residual/renewable plate tack for continued adherence and removal of stamps to stamp holders and clear acetate storage sheets.

These resins are formulated to maintain their exposure imaging latitude/consistency, UV resistance, physical characteristics, plate processing consistency, optical clarity level, and controlled residual tack level with high volume reclaim resin and mixing new resin ratio (1:1) with the high percentage of resin reclaimed using the back mask plate making technique used in the business/craft stamp manufacturing process.

Genesys is the new and innovative system that combines and condenses multiple steps in the liquid plate-making process. 

This is achieved by eliminating the need to cover film and post mount adhesive, thus streamlining and reducing the handling and make-ready of the production process. The end result is the production of more polymer plates faster, more efficiently and at a higher level of image quality reproduction.

Every generational step in the plate-making process has an impact on the final rendered result. The Genesys composite layer technology has taken liquid plate making to a higher level with the creation of the “Capsule Form Digital Dot.” This unique Genesys dot formation structure enhances ink delivery to the substrate by pushing ink to the inside of the dot structure. The unique Genesys capsule shape also insures better dot gain control to the printing substrate.